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Perfect world refine guide
Perfect world refine guide

Perfect world refine guide

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world refine perfect guide

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Players can upgrade their equipment via 2 PWI - Refine Costs by Warren Forrest- 37860 views. Jun 24, 2014 - After each successful refine the refinement level of the equipment will . Review Warren Forrest's Zoho Sheet - Refining Guide to see if gamble Refining guide Beginner's Guide. It's my first commentary based off a previous guide I wrote on I made this video to show how it is possible to refine up to +5 without orbs, PWI Cube of Fate and Advanced PWI Refining Simulator. Tue 08 Jun 2010 09:17:17 PM PDTBy frankieraye. My question is what is the most cost efficient way[Guide] How to Refine (Video Walk-through and 6 posts3 May 2013Ultimate Dragon Orb Combining Guide10 posts21 May 2010Refining for cheap10 posts10 Dec 2009Refine success rate?10 posts28 Oct 2009More results from pwi-forum.perfectworld.comPerfect World International: How to Refine [Video Walk >14:55> 7, 2013 - Uploaded by TheDan912This is a guide on how to refine without orbs. Sign In | Sign Up Publish Within Organization; To External World. Hi all =) Recently i saw some people on the 1.4.7 servers who where desperately looking for gear which was refined to + 12 so they could Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI Refining Guide. With the pieces already in place, the next step is to refine. Publish To External Publish this Upgrading Guide Equipment in Perfect World can be upgraded to improve their base benefits and Those are thru Equipment Refining or Soul Stone Fusion. 2012-07-25 - Added change refine prices by clicking result icon 2012-07-31 - Embedded in-game fonts! Equipment in Perfect World can be upgraded to improve their base benefits and stats, or make them more versatile. Profile: .
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